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Continuous Small-Volume

MultiChannel Collector

Gradient Fractionator

Programmable Fractionator for Centrifuge Tubes

The FR-115 Microfractionator permits collection of sequential aliquots of solution as small as 0.25µl from cylindrical centrifuge tubes, with no mixing of the tube's contents. Individual fractions may be collected with or without chase or scintillation fluid, or on glass fibre filters.

Determining solute concentrations in successive fractions can provide concentration gradients of a precision and accuracy suitable for analysis of sedimentation velocity or equilibrium.

The FR-115 can also be used in preparation for isolating solutes banded on density gradients.

Operating choices include single step mode or automatic repetitive mode. Size and number of fractions, collection rate and all other relevant variables are user adjustable. The system currently supports centrifuge tubes of 1.0, 0.5, 0.2 and 0.15 ml capacities. The open design, however, permits user adaptation for special applications and additional tube types.

System includes programmable microfractionator with embedded software, chase pump, one sample block assembly (please specify size), remote switch, communications cable, tool & cleaning kit, and 1-year warranty.



Microfractionator w/o Chase Pump


Microfractionator with Chase Pump



Additional Block Assembly (0.15 ml)


Additional Block Assembly (0.20 ml)


Additional Block Assembly (0.50 ml)


Additional Block Assembly (1.00 ml)