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Robotic In Vitro Cell Culture Systems

In 1999, Brandel launched Cytogration, Inc., to design and market a new, fully robotic line of cell culture systems capable of automating cell production, membrane growth and in vitro screening.

Developed to address the rigors of growing high quality membranes, Cytogration systems can also be used with Caco-2 and other cell lines that can be grown or screened by automated means. Cytogration robotic systems are unparalleled in yield, ease of use, dependability, and accuracy.

When used with the Caco-2 cell line, Cytogration systems simplify the process of growing large quantities of viable membranes, and speed the identification of compounds that are absorbed by human intestine. With the option to change protocols and substitute system components, Cytogration systems are extremely versatile.

Our most capable system, for example, handles up to 504 multi-well plates, automates plate coating, cell seeding and cell feeding, and can perform automated incubation assays for compound selection. Smaller systems can perform the same functions with fewer plates, while others automate cell feeding only.

Built by Brandel and backed by 25 years' design and manufacturing experience, each system is configured to meet your specifications. Cytogration will install your system on location, train your technicians, and ensure that the system is fully operational before it is turned over to you.

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