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Product Literature

Product Literature

The following brochures can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Cell Harvesting Systems for Direct Radioactive Readers (6 pages, 860k)


Cell Harvesting Systems for Scintillation Counters (6 pages, 720k)

Gradient Fractionation System (1 page, 149k)  
Gradient Fractionation System - Data Capture Software (4 pages, 442k)  

High Capacity Plate Carousel (2 pages, 310k)


MicroDispensing Systems (2 pages, 125k)



PHD Harvesters (4 pages, 310k)


Adhesive Plate Sealer (2 pages, 190k)


Robotic In Vitro Systems by Cytogration (6 pages, 420k)


Suprafusion 1000/2500 (6 pages, 800k)


Versaflow Peristaltic Pumps (2 pages, 120k)



Operation Manuals for 110V Harvesters

Operation Manuals for 220V Harvesters

Operation Manual for Remote Programmable Controller (5 pages, 79k)