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Models, Features & Specifications

Keypad Detail

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Programmable Plate Dispensing

From left: Pump/Controller with keypad; PXR-96 for dispensing scintillation cocktail into filter-bottom well-plates; XR-96 for dispensing aqueous solutions into shallow or deep-well plates; XRM-96 for use with Millipore® vacuum manifold.

Brandel's new Micro Dispensing Systems offer high efficiency, repeatable accuracy and maximum flexibility – at a cost far below most dispensers currently on the market. MicroDispensers consist of a Dispensing Unit and a separate, Pump/Controller with keypad. Dispensers can also be operated by remote computer using the Controller's built-in RS232 port.

In standard configuration, MicroDispensers are designed for 96-well plates; models for 12, 24, or 48-well filter plates and other custom formats are available on request.



For dispensing viscous solutions such as scintillation cocktail


For dispensing thinner, aqueous solutions such as buffer


For use with Millipore® vacuum manifold and thinner, aqueous solutions


Capability to dispense into a Millipore® Vacuum base. Includes vacuum control.

Additional Pump/Controller allows same dispensing unit to be used with viscous and aqueous solutions.

Custom formats available.


Delivers user defined volumes between 10 and 999 µl.

±5% relation to calibration with ±3% repeatability

Standard configuration for 96-well plates

Custom configurations for 6, 12, 24, 48-well plates and others upon request.

Operations are menu driven. Simply enter the volume you wish to deliver and set pump dial to dispense.

Critical components are made of Teflon, stainless steel or Teflon-coated aluminum to resist corrosion.

MicroDispenser and Pump/Controller occupy less than 18 x 18. in. of bench space

XR models can be used with shallow or deep-well plates

Dispensing manifolds can be easily interchanged.

Liquids of similar viscosity can be used in the same MicroDispenser.

Reversible pump clears the system and saves solution.

Dispenser can be operated remotely, through an RS232 port, or from controller keypad.

Self-priming delivery manifold, Teflon delivery tubing

Digital speed control

Choice of 110V or 220V models

MicroDispensers include one-year warranty and full factory support.