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    High-Capacity Plate Carousel

High-Capacity Plate Carousel

Carousel for Biomek2000


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High-Capacity Plate Carousel holds up to 160 standard size 96-well plates. Motorized indexing and oscillation cycles are standard. Models for other plates also available.

High Capacity. High Compatibility.

With automatic stepping, variable oscillation cycles, programmable operation and two-way communication interface, the High-Capacity Plate Carousel is compatible with most any robotic arm, can be installed inside a CO2 Incubator, and is a perfect complement to our Fully-Automated, High-Throughput Harvesters.

Depending on your specific needs, the Carousel can be ordered in a variety of configurations and capacities. Models are available for storing plates lengthwise or widthwise, and several types of plates can be accommodated. Simply call with your requirements.

The Carousel can also be operated manually.

Standard Configuration

Eight columns, arranged radially, hold up to 20 microtitre plates each.

Includes indexing motor drive and oscillation cycle.

Carousels are available for storing plates lengthwise or widthwise.

Approximate Carousel size is 24"in height by 24" in diameter.

Custom configurations and sizes are available.

Above capacities are for one Carousel. If more than one Carousel is used, system can be programmed to accommodate different types of plates or tip boxes in each Carousel.


Two-way communication with your system computer through the Carousel's RS-232 interface.

Completely programmable.

Selectable and programmable "shaking" or oscillating mode.

Can also be operated manually.


Optical sensors provide accurate stopping positions.

Controlled rotation will bring each of the columns to a common location for use with a robotic arm.

Adjustable agitation through variable shaking speed and degree of oscillation.

Interchangeable columns allow combinations of 96-well microtitre plates and 1-2 ml mini-tube plates in the typical 96-well format.

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