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Semi-Automated, Multi-Sample Perfusion

With it's patented multi-channel design, Suprafusion1000 can perfuse each of up to 12 tissues with 1 to 6 reagents – in any sequence you desire – and collect up to 20 effluents per sample. From reagent to effluent, each channel is completely isolated from the others. User adjustable flow rates, selection of reagents, timing, and order of events enables tests to be performed according to your specific requirements.

Electrical Stimulation

In addition to standard chemical stimulation, Suprafusion1000 offers optional electrical stimulation with the new ES-200 Series Multi-Channel Electrical Stimulators and platinum-screened electrical probes. A selectable, front-panel readout displays a bar graph showing the output of each channel or digital scope.

Environmental Controls

Other options include environmental and temperature controls, and special Luer Lock fittings for injecting chemical stimulants directly before the reaction chambers for direct dose response by syringe. Both models are also available for perfusing larger tissue samples as well as performing other tests in well-plates. Please call.

Exclusive Versaflow Peristaltic Pump

Suprafusion1000 comes equipped with our high-performance Versaflow multi-channel peristaltic pump. Like our stimulator, the Versaflow was designed by Brandel specifically for Suprafusion, with versatility, accuracy and other features that surpass those of other commercial pumps.



Suprafusion 1000, 6-channel system


Suprafusion 1000, 12-channel system


Additional Collection Vial Tray

Circulating Water Bath

Collection Vial Ice Tray

Environmental Control System

Luer Lock Fittings, for direct injection before reaction chambers

 Reagent Water Bath (heated)

Perfusion System for well plates

Electrical Stimulator (includes electrical probes)

Suprafusion Rack Dispensing Systems

Filter Paper & Discs

Reeves Angel 934H

Whatman GF/B

Whatman GF/C

Whatman GF/F

Nylon Mesh

Polyethylene Filter Discs

Others on request.